Burn Out Isn’t Cured in a Week

Thanksgiving break has finally arrived!

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash


I like many others could not have gone another day without a break. It’s safe to say that everyone is burned out at this point. Finals are looming in the distance and everyone just wants to turn their brain off this break. 


Who wouldn’t? 


But don’t expect to be ready to go once break ends, because five days isn’t going to cure your burnout. 


You have been working, studying, writing essays, and taking exams for months. You probably have work to do over your break and know you have tons of work to do as soon as you get back. That takes a toll and you have to give yourself a break, both literally and metaphorically. 


Yes, take time off and try to enjoy your Thanksgiving break as much as possible, but if you find yourself fading during a study session once you get back, or you're struggling to get your assignments done without a million breaks, don’t get upset with yourself. 


Everyone jokes about college being the death of ourselves. We eat terribly, we barely sleep, we wanna die 24/7, but it’s not a joke, and not understanding that your burnout is going to impact you is so, so, so important. 


So take your break, and come back to school ready to push through finals and celebrate the end of the semester, but also remember burnout isn’t cured in a few days and it’s ok to not come back full of energy without a trace of tiredness.