14 Screen-Free Activities To Keep Your Brain Stimulated

I am someone who is very easily understimulated — I always have to be doing something, or else my brain gets restless. My go-to activity is watching a TV show, movie, or YouTube video because it doesn’t take much energy, but I still get to invest in a storyline and characters. But, as a college senior who has done almost 1.5 years of Zoom University, I spend almost every waking hour on screens of some sort. I’m either in class, doing homework or my job, FaceTiming my family or relaxing by consuming digital media. 

It’s hard and feels uncontrollable at times, but I’ve been trying to be more conscious about doing screen-free activities too. Here are some of my favorites (in no particular order):

Try to do one screen-free activity each day for at least 30 minutes — your brain and your eyes will thank you.