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Her Campus, HeforShe, and PAASA’s Self Love Night Recap!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pace chapter.


Her Campus Pace teamed up with HeforShe and the Peer Advocates Against Sexual Assault to bring Pace University a self-love night at a much needed time in the semester. Just having finished midterms and gearing up for finals, sometimes students forget that they need to take care of themselves. Having about one hundred people show up, the event was a huge success.



We offered pizza, wings, and dessert to nourish our students because stress causes people not to eat! Stress relieving stations were set out such as letter shredding, coloring, painting, stress ball making, and bracelet making. My personal favorite was the affirmation bar in which people would take positive words with them and leave some messages for others. We also gave out face masks and some other goodies as well as having a featured reflexology trained alum.



We had a photo booth with white boards set up for people to write what self-love means to them. With calming music in the background and images of beaches and nature, this event was perfect for students to show themselves love, because no matter what comes of your day, you matter.



We cannot wait for our next events, so look out for them on our social media and do not forget to follow HeforShe and PAASA!

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