18 Things I Learned to Love About Myself by 18


Insecurities dominate the worlds of most people as they go throughout their day. People all around the globe are obsessed with not being enough and worrying about those shortcomings. Throughout all of my days of schooling those same insecurities pestered me. I could come up with roughly twenty flaws in an hour, sometimes more, ranging from my acne flustered face to my doughy bodily appearance. Even though I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that someone else was going through these same emotions, I couldn’t help but feel utterly alone in all of it. 

When I turned eighteen, I wanted to start a new chapter of my life—one that included body positivity and positivity in all areas of my life. So I came up with a list titled, “18 Things I Love About Myself.” These bullet notes helped me learn to love myself, and I hope that it can inspire that same version of self love within yourself. 

Here we go…

1). My perspective — It all changed when I started this list. Negativity crowded my thoughts, and I let it run loose. After writing all of these notes down, I realized that my perspective had changed to one that I was proud of. Body positivity, civil rights and women in STEM advocacy—all of these things inspired me to view the world in a more positive light, because I had the power to make a difference. You do too. 

2). My smile — I’ve had these two winged out teeth right beside my front teeth for as long as I can remember.  I went through the majority of high school making sure my crooked smile wasn’t on display. Something changed when I realized how beautiful smiles were. They display happiness and complete joy. I smile unapologetically now. I hope this list inspires you to do the same.

3- My sporadic brain— I’m proud of the brain that I use to the best of my ability. I reach for the highest grades and in return have to use my brain to work for them. I’m not the smartest person in the world by any means, but I’m smart. I can be brilliant. I think you’re brilliant, too. 

4- My laugh — Okay, this was a hard one to accept. Snorts, guffaws, cackles—these spew from my mouth any time someone says anything relatively humorous. But the thing about my laugh is that it makes others laugh. That’s a reason to love it in itself. If it makes someone happy, you’re doing it right.

5- My roots — I mean this in both senses of the word. I have dark brown roots under my platinum dyed hair, and I also have my Maine home state roots that planted me firmly in the beliefs of neighborly kindness and compassion. Whatever your roots are, make sure you’re planted in them securely. Your roots can often be more than just your sense of self; they can be your home. 

6- My oily, acne prone skin — Acne is a pain in the butt. Just remember to wash your face, moisturize, see a dermatologist, and ignore anything anyone says. You’re not alone, and you’re beautiful. 

7- My picky food habits — I hate a lot of foods and that’s just reality. They’re my taste buds, so I don’t have to be ashamed of that. Do you hate cheese? Me too. How about mushrooms? Me too! Don’t worry, because picky food habits are a normal thing. 

8- My voice — No matter what octave your voice is, it’s an incredible tool. I love my voice, because I can use it to sing, spread body positivity, and as a tool for advocacy. Use your voice for something important too, and it makes it that much better to love.

9- My stomach — Rolls, dough, and all—I love my stomach. It keeps me warm, protects me, and it’s perfect just the way it is. Any body is a bikini body, so go out there and work what you have. Your body is beautiful all the time.

10- My ridiculous fashion sense — I’ve always had a colorful fashion sense, and I’m sticking to it. Why? It makes me happy. Wear bold colors, take fashion risks, and own what you wear. Show off your personality!

11- My abundance of excitement — I am easy to excite. I love bright colors, other people’s accomplishments, etc. Anything positive makes me jump with joy, and I love that about myself. Highlight one of your positives and see how it makes you positive! 

12- The people I surround myself with — If there’s one thing I can always count on, it’s my incredible group of friends. Surround yourself with people who love you and in return, you’ll learn to love yourself even more.

13- My strength — I’ve been working on both my mental and physical strength for a while now, and I love seeing those improvements. I’m stronger in every sense of the word every single day. Try working on your strength if you need a bit more love in those areas. 

14- My stubby nails — Anxiety: it’s the catalyst of my stubby nails, so it can be hard to love something caused by a mental illness. The more I look at my nails, though, I’m reminded that I’m still here and I’m fighting that illness everyday. It’s a sign of overcoming obstacles and I’m proud of that.

15- My quirks — I snort, scrunch my face into odd visuals, and I make weird noises a lot. It’s odd, but it’s me. Your oddities are hilarious and fun, too. Learn to love them and become an even happier you.

16- My failed attempt to love sports — Sports just weren’t my thing in high school. I tried loving them more than the arts, but the theatre stole my gaze. Being under the spotlight is the best feeling in the world, and I’m happy to love that aspect as much as I love myself.

17- My persistence — I hate giving up on things I love, so I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t give up on anything. That persistence has driven me to go the extra mile in all things I do. Without this trait, I wouldn’t be where I am. I’m proud to show it off.

18- My abundance of love — I tell the people I love that I love them every day. Declaring that love and receiving it makes it a whole lot easier to see yourself in a positive light. Learning to love yourself for who you are is hard, but it’s not impossible, especially when you have a group of people who tell you why they love you. Find that love, hold it tight, and share it wherever you go.

I hope this list inspired you to love yourself a little bit more each day. Embrace your beauty, because you’re incredible.