Exercise Your Body to Exercise Your Brain

With studying being necessary at Oxford College, methods of optimizing studying are key. Studying too much without a break can drain your energy. Not to mention studying that much can also cause you to absorb less information. Getting up from behind your desk to do something active can help unlock your maximum study potential and to take care of the self-care that you deserve.

For me, studying for hours on end is not helpful unless I take a productive study break or two so that I can stay focused. My favorite type of study break is squeezing in 20-30mins of exercise. Running and biking are my two go to options for when I need to reenergize and refocus. Exercising for study breaks not only keeps me focused, but also helps me stay fit.

Have you ever studied long enough to lose focus? See if squeezing in a short exercise break helps your study sessions. On days when you are less energetic, you may want to try yoga or meditation. Oxford makes working out easy. Williams Gym has about anything you would need to get in a great workout from a weight room to a pool to bikes to yoga mats. Williams has it all. Additionally, there are exercise rooms in most of the dorms, which is convenient for if you are studying in your room or in a study room in one of the dorms.

Have you heard the phrase “study smarter—not harder?” Figure out what type of study break works best for you to make sure you are getting the maximum benefit from your study sessions.