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Revamp Your Yoga Wardrobe

For about a year and half I’ve been obsessed with yoga and the clothing that comes with it’s practice. While looking around Etsy.com, I found this cute little company called Purusha People. (For those of you unfamiliar with the array of products you can find on Etsy, it’s basically an Ebay for vintage and handmade items.) Purusha is Sanskrit for “the force of goodness and life within us all.” While it is based in California, each item of clothing really shows the goals and character of the company. I now am a proud owner of a few of the clothing items — and I’m addicted. Each item is hand-dyed and sewn with care. When I received my package, the owner, Hayley Elliot, included a hand-written Thank You note. These clothes are functional, adorable, and can be worn to class, the gym, or really any other day-to-day event. Also, despite being hand-made, all of the clothing can conveniently be washed and dried.

I’ve also seen different promos such as customizable yoga pant fabrics/cuts and specialized tees. Although each product takes a few weeks to be completed, it’s great knowing that the fabric isn’t harmful to skin and that each piece is made happily with love.

If you are also a blogger or enjoy reading blogs, Hayley has a Purusha blog. I love her posts because they are full of inspirational pictures and helpful videos!



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