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A Full Body HIIT Circuit You Can Do In Under 30 Minutes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

Maybe you’re one of those people who likes to exercise, but not for excessive amounts of time. Maybe you’re the kind of girl who hates cardio but knows it’s good for her overall heart and health. Or maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to push yourself to the limit, fitting in as many reps as possible until your legs feel like jello at the end. Well, here’s the perfect workout for you—3 circuits that push you to the limit in only a short amount of time.

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds each with no rest in between for 3 rounds. After you have finished your 3 rounds, move onto the next circuit to finish your full body sweat sesh. Let’s go!


Circuit 1: Legs

1. Jump Squats

The jump squat is a kick-butt exercise that you can do without any equipment. Start in a squat position with your hips back, knees back behind the toes, weight in the heels and a tight core. With whatever pace you feel comfortable with, lower yourself to a squat position with hands together and use the power in your legs to propel yourself upward so that your feet come off the floor and then once you land back on your feet, lower back down to a regular squat. You will feel this starting within the first 5 seconds. Woohoo!


2. Bosu Side Lunge

Position the bosu dome side up. Start with one foot on the bosu and one off of it. Next, in a quick motion bring the outside foot from the floor to meet the foot on the bosu and bring the leg that was on the bosu originally onto the floor. You will be transitioning from side to side with only a quick second of your legs coming together on top of the bosu. If this feels too challenging, slow down the pace. This will challenge your stability in more ways than one. 


3. Wall Balls

Position yourself in front of a wall where you can safely throw a medicine ball at. Begin by throwing the ball against the wall, well above your head. As you catch the ball, perform one squat with hips back, knees pushed back, and the weight in your heels. As you come back up from your squat, throw the ball again at the wall and repeat. Though this looks simple, this one will be sure to be challenging enough once you begin, especially with a heavier medicine ball.


Circuit 2: Upper Body 

1. Pushups On A Medicine Ball

This is one of my favorite exercises for a non-traditional pushup that challenges your upper body. Begin in regular pushup position, or on your knees (whichever level your body can do). Your hands will be slightly farther apart than your shoulders with your fingers spread apart and your back in a neutral position. Place one hand on the medicine ball and place the other hand on the floor. Perform a pushup by lowering your body to the floor where your chest gets close to touching the ground and your elbows are positioned at about 90 degrees. On the next pushup roll the ball over to the other hand and perform a pushup with the new hand on the ball and the other hand on the ground. This will make the task of pushups seem more fun. 


2. Battle Rope Slams

Position yourself in front of the battle ropes. Begin in a squat position where your hips are back, knees are not coming over the toes and weight is in the heels. Next begin by placing both handles in your hands close together and bringing the ropes up and down together in one big motion. This will create a large ripple on the battle ropes which is what you want. Remember to stay in that squat position and your arms will be lovin’ it.


3. Battle Rope Shoulder Circles

Position yourself in front of the battle ropes. Begin in a squat position where your hips are back, knees are not coming over the toes and weight is in the heels. Next, move your shoulders outward, creating a circle motion with your hands. Your shoulders will be on fire and it will leave you sweating fast.


Circuit 3: Core

1. Mountain Climbers On The Bosu Ball

Position the bosu ball with the dome side facing the ground and bring your hands to the sides of the bosu, with your chest positioned directly above it in a plank position. Next draw each knee in one at a time, either going fast or slow. Keep your core engaged and your body in a neutral position (don’t let your hips drop and avoid rounding your back). This will definitely shape your core and challenge your endurance. 




2. Plank Knee Taps

Begin in a plank position, hands shoulder width apart, fingers spread apart and body in a neutral position. Take one hand and crunch inward to touch the opposite knee and return back to a plank position. Repeat on the other side. This should be quick and effective to keep that core burning. 


3. Seated Knee Tucks On The Bosu Ball

Begin with the bosu ball dome side up. Position your tailbone on the bosu to where you can be somewhat stable and not fall off (you may need to scoot forward a little bit). Next position your hands behind the back, if you need help stabilizing. Bring both legs straight out then draw the knees to the chest to crunch and remember to squeeze the core. Go at a pace that challenges your balance, but does not feel too hard to the point of falling off. 

By the end, you might be dripping sweat but remember it’s all worth it in the end. Plus, you just saved yourself some time to shower and prep for other plans by fitting in that 30 minute workout.

Hi! I'm Hailey. I am a senior at the Unviersity of Oregon studying Advertising. I am a workout nut and a Certified Personal Trainer at our campus REC center. In my free time you can find me outside, either hiking, biking or exercising. I am also completley obsessed with the fashion industry and will hopefully be going into Fashion Merchandising and Marketing in the near future.