De-stress Before Bed


When I finally get the chance to plop into bed but struggle to fall asleep, it can be frustrating! College leaves us ladies with an endless stream of thoughts that can keep us tossing and turning for hours. Having a lot on your plate (and not being able to sleep it off) makes it a million times more difficult to stay positive the next day. Over the last few weeks, I documented little things I’ve done before bed that helped me have a better night’s sleep!

1. Music: Create a de-stress playlist

From LOVE by Kendrick Lamar to Budapest by George Ezra, my playlist is full of songs that make me feel calm. I created a playlist filled with songs that transport me to happy memories, it’s a completely personal and relaxing mix of songs that will keep me in the right mindset to dream away my stress!

PRO TIP: To put a timer on for Spotify or Pandora on an iPhone, open the Clock App and find the “Timer” page, set your desired timer length, then click on “When Timer Ends”, scroll to the very bottom of the page and select “Stop Playing”. This will stop your music so you can easily drift off into your sleep with ease.

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2. Stretching

Stretching before bed has honestly changed my sleep. I turn the lights off and before I jump into my comfy sheets, I stretch what needs to be stretched!! If you don't know what poses will do the trick you can simply plug "calf stretch" or "hamstring stretch" or "shoulder stretch" into your search engine! Taking care of what my body calls for, helps me get comfortable and ready for a deep sleep.

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3. Warm and fuzzy

Another great way to de-stress is with a cup of hot water, decaffeinated tea or milk. All will do the trick to make me warm, fuzzy, and sleepy! If you have fuzzy socks, throw those on while enjoying your warm drink!

PRO TIP: Warm your water up in the microwave before putting the tea bag in!! After taking the mug out of the microwave, put your tea bag in and cover it with a plate or paper towel to steep for the recommended time. This will make your tea taste less watered down!


4. Writing my worries away

For me, journaling is very helpful! If you aren’t one to write down your thoughts, transferring worries onto a page can still be very helpful. I take a notebook and simply write down everything that is on my mind. Then, I close it up and tuck it away until the morning. If you try this with an open mind, it feels like you are physically putting your worries away.

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5. Unplugging

Put your damn phone away 30 minutes prior to bedtime. It’s hard to get unplugged or disconnected but for the sake of your sleep do it! Humans are meant to sleep in the dark and the tiny light that we stare at right before bedtime messes with our natural sleep processes. The National Sleep Foundation explains all the facts here

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6. The 4 7 8 breathing technique

This breathing technique is amazing; watch this short YouTube video that explains the basics. Do some more research if you’re serious about implementing it into your sleep time regimen because it’s definitely a method to ease into. Don’t expect to get it perfect the first time you try it, but I really encourage you to try it! For me, it helps to focus on counting my breath because it makes me feel more in control!

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We need our beauty sleep to wake up with a fresh mind and body to take on the world!! So listen, stretch, get warm, unplug, write, breathe or do whatever will make you sleep soundly. Goodnight, sleep tight!

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