4 Ways To Prioritize Self Care

It’s the middle of November, and the semester is starting to wrap up for most college students. While there is relief in sight, the end of the semester also brings a lot of stress and work. Prioritizing self-care is extremely important at this time of the year because without it, it’s likely that you’ll experience burnout, and you won’t be able to be effective.

Here are four ways to prioritize self-care at the end of the semester:

1. Set bedtimes for yourself (and stick to them!)

Sleep is extremely important, and it’s something that is hugely neglected by college students. While completing your assignments and studying are both important, proper rest is even more important! Getting enough sleep each night will actually help you complete your work more effectively than if you stay up late trying to cram things in. 29 percent of millennials say they feel stressed by their lack of sleep, so, sticking to a bedtime can help remedy this issue.

2. Focus on personal hygiene.

As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, I know how challenging it can be to stay on top of things like showering when I’m in periods of high stress. Focus on showering every day, and add in fun things like face masks or a great smelling shower gel to make it more enjoyable and less of a chore.

3. Take breaks often.

When you have three papers, four exams, and a presentation to prepare for, taking a single break, let alone several breaks, can seem entirely unreasonable. However, taking breaks allows you time to refocus yourself and decompress from all of the stress you’re experiencing. At least every hour, take five minutes, step away from your work and do something to recharge. When I take study breaks, I usually stretch my legs, get a cold drink, and practice some paced breathing.

4. Add enjoyable activities into your schedule.

Even though the end of the semester is an extremely busy time, it’s important to make time for things you enjoy doing. Set aside time each day, even if it’s only 20 minutes, for an activity you enjoy doing. Whether it’s watching TV, coloring, making art, journaling, or anything else, scheduling enjoyable activities into your day can make stressful times a lot more bearable.

Over these next few stressful weeks, remember to prioritize self-care so that you can be the best “you” you can be!