Summer body? Don't know her

Photo by STIL on Unsplash


Are you guilty of freaking out because summer is just around the corner and you have yet to lose that 55 lbs you were trying to get off before the first trip to the beach? Are you guilty of trying to get a little bit of a tan so that way you don't look like you're in the nude if you were wearing an all white outfit? Summer for some reason has a whole different set of standards than other months. Nobody ever says "God November is coming up, I really need to get in shape." So why do we bend over backwards for the summer months? What if we as a society started saying "oh Winter is coming, I need to put on some weight?" That's what Polar bears do. Weird example, but I think it strikes a cord.


That rant aside, this year, I refuse to try to conform to what summer wants me to become. I will keep my other 10 month standard of being pale and curvy and keep my head held high. That being said, if I get a little bronzed or shed a couple inches I wouldn't be upset, but I'm no longer trying to disrespect the way I keep my body for the rest of the year. Summer comes along with many great things- freshly cut watermelon, cookouts with family and friends and seeing everyone you've ever met take a trip to Florida; but we don't need to change to do any of those things. Of course, if it makes you happy, then do whatever you need to be the best version of yourself but it is not necessary to feel like you have to. So who's with me in disregarding the pressure "Summer" is putting on us and telling her that we will do whatever we please with ourselves and maybe we will, maybe we won't need to buy that darker shade of foundation this year.