Tips to Look After Your Mental Health

Ever since the new school year started, I have been pulled in many directions. I felt like I was not able to focus on myself as I was more focused on school work and my involvement in organizations at my university. If I did focus on myself, it wasn’t enough time for a “self-care” session. 

    So I worked around it. I’ve found four ways to improve my mental and physical health despite my busy schedule.

  1. 1. Write in a journal

    Opened Paper Notebook

    This was one of 15-year-old Esther’s favorite things to do and still is to this day. Writing in a journal about anything helped calm my mind and organize my thoughts on what I needed to do next. In a way, it was like making a list of things while jotting down my feelings.

  2. 2. Keeping Active

    Athletic Shoes

    This was one of the harder ways to improve myself since I usually didn’t have time in the day. However, even a 15 minute workout was good for me since I felt better after it. I’ve searched workout videos on YouTube or articles on the Internet to help me be more physical.

  3. 3. Doing Something I'm Good At

    person letting on tracing paper using mechanical pencil

    I like to say I’m good at drawing so I do that. I draw in my sketchbook or doodle on my notebooks for classes. It may seem silly but it distracts me from my anxiety temporarily while also improving on my art skills.

  4. 4. Asking for Help

    Group of three women talking at work

    This was the hardest thing I did to improve my mental health. Growing up, asking for help was akin to being lazy. I thought people would appreciate you or respect you more if you’re independent. I was wrong, and I’m glad I was. If I didn’t ask for help, I wouldn’t have formed a closer bond with my friends or my advisors in university. It doesn’t show you’re weak, just that you’re willing to improve yourself and work with others.

These tips are just four of the many ways that can help improve your mental and physical health. They worked for me and might work for you.