Is It Too Cold To Workout?

Is it too cold to workout? No! This is the time for the grind! This is the time for those New Year Resolutions! This is the time for no excuses! But…. there are some days that are too cold to walk to the gym. If you find yourself avoiding the gym due to the weather there are still things you can do.

1. Stay at home

Personally, I love exercising in my own space. I find that I am more willing to try new things or do uncomfortable exercises at home. For example; burpees. I will never do burpees at the gym because I know I look like an uncoordinated mess. Any exercise you do at the gym can be altered to work at home. Sometimes equipment is helpful, but using just your bodyweight is still a very effective way of working out.

2. Search for “workouts at home”

Youtube is a great resource for this. Look up “*insert workout* at home” and thousands of videos will pop up. Like Youtube, Instagram Explore will often show multiple accounts that provide workout posts. The majority of these videos and posts don’t include equipment.

3. Purchase equipment

I know no one wants to see the word “purchase”, but there is a good reason for it. If you feel that bodyweight exercises aren't enough to reach your goals, buy some equipment. Now I don’t mean buy a squat rack to set up in your tiny dorm room, I mean the small additions. In my dorm, I have a set of booty bands, two resistance bands, ankle weights, and a yoga mat. Having just a few pieces of equipment has done wonders for my home workouts. When I am watching a video and I feel as if I am not challenging myself enough, I’ll put on the ankle weights or implement a resistance band.

Pro Tip: don’t buy the first “booty band” pack you see on Instagram (it’s all the rave now). You can get them cheaper, with comparable quality, from many places.

4. Don’t forget about cardio!

For those who have worked out at home or plan to, don’t cheat on your cardio. Just because you don’t have a treadmill or bike available doesn’t mean you should wait until next week at the gym for cardio. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a stellar way to get in a quick cardio workout. Often times this type of exercise also includes a decent amount of strength training exercises. I promise you will work up a sweat so quick you’ll appreciate how efficient the workout style is.

5. Any exercise is better than no exercise

If you are uncomfortable working out at home, whether it’s because you have a roommate, lack of room, or lack of equipment, still do some sort of exercise. Not only exercise but also move your joints and raise your breathing, since sitting in classes all day isn’t good for the body. Squats, push-ups, ab exercises, and many more are quiet, don’t require a lot of space, and are most often done with just bodyweight.  If that still isn’t your forte or if you insist on the gym for strengthing exercises do yoga. You’d be surprised how much variety you can find in yoga, there will be something for your specific want.