5 Best Summer Workouts

With finals drawing to a close, summer is right around the corner. Usually, the last thing on student’s minds when leaving school is keeping up with the routine workout habits that they’ve maintained for months, but I’m going to introduce some fun and calorie-burning outdoor activities to help keep you fit and healthy all summer long. I’ll also give some simple tips that can help maximize the effectiveness of your workout and keep you safe in the hot months to come.

  1. 1. Swimming

    Whether you’re at the beach or the lake, or just simply at a nearby pool, take advantage of the water surrounding you. Swimming is also an effective way to burn a tremendous amount of calories without even realizing that your working out. For a 155-pound person swimming freestyle, even at a relatively slow pace can burn at least 500 calories or more. Swimming also tightens and tones your entire body from top to bottom. Think if you spent three to four hours in the water in a single day, talk about a solid workout.

    Tip: It is imperative to stay hydrated when swimming. It is easy for people to think that they are not losing fluids when they are in the water, but swimming is exercise, therefore you will be sweating. So, always keep a water bottle or Gatorade near the edge of the pool to keep your body replenished.

  2. 2. Trail Running and Hiking 

    Trail running and hiking is a much better workout for your lower body than road or treadmill running because it will build more leg muscle. On top of this, trail running and hiking will challenge your agility, coordination, and balance due to the rugged terrain that can only be found in nature. Not only is trail running and hiking good for your body, but it is a great way to improve your mental health as well. These outdoor activities can help you to unplug from the world as well as improve your overall outlook on life.

    Tip: Pick the right shoes. Whether you chose to run or hike, it’s important to distinguish between shoes. Do not just pick up your regular gym shoes and go for a run or hike, odds are you’re going to ruin your shoes as well as possibly injure yourself.

  3. 3. Paddleboarding

    Paddleboarding is an amazing low-impact workout for those who do not want to go running or swimming, but by no means is this workout easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest workouts I have ever done. Most likely, you’ll end up falling quite a few times before you get the hang of it. This workout heavily engages the core as your body is constantly trying to stay balanced. This exercise also engages the legs to stabilize your center of gravity as well as the arms that are used to paddle. You can easily burn up to 400 calories by paddling at a leisurely pace. For those that don’t like high-intensity workouts, this could be the dream workout for you.

    Tip: If you are having trouble standing on the board at first, feel free to modify your stance and try the sit-down method first. Don’t feel bad if you can’t stand up! While this may be one of the lower-intensity workouts on the list, it is one of the most difficult. So, try the sit-down method of paddleboarding before you rise to your feet.

  4. 4. Sunrise/Sunset Yoga

    This timing of this workout is strictly based on personal preferences. At least once a week over the summer, I like to wake up early and participate in some sunrise yoga. Yoga at any time of the day is sure to increase endorphins and give you some peace and clarity in your day, but doing it at sunrise or sunset can help you to decrease stress levels either at the beginning or end of your busy day. However, research states that it might be more beneficial to complete yoga in the morning rather than at night to help set the mental tone of your day, rather than letting the day take a toll on you and dealing with the stress during your session.

    Tip: Plan ahead. Make sure that you have a nice outdoor spot picked out for your yoga sessions. Also, have a backup spot or indoor space prepared just in case your area gets hit with some summer storms.

  5. 5. Court Sports

    Sometimes, just getting involved in a fun outdoor sport is enough to get a great workout in for the day. Popular summer court sports include tennis, sand volleyball and basketball. These sports are a great way to add a social component into your workout and possibly even gain some new friends. These summer activities will have you breaking a sweat and burning calories in no time

    Tip: Make sure to include everyone that wants to play the sport. Allow everyone to better themselves and get healthy while also having a good time. Also, unless you are in a competitive league in your given sport, take a chill pill and have some fun.