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Life of A Runner During Thanksgiving

If you’re a runner that runs every day as a workout regime, you know what it’s like when the holidays come around! These are the eight stages of what an avid runner would go through during Thanksgiving.

Stage 1: Deciding to Take A Week Off

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A typical runner works out like crazy in order to increase his or her endurance and distances. It’s about time to take a step back for a week in order for the muscle to recover and not have an injury.

Stage 2: Indulging Endlessly in CARBS and PROTEINS.

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According to Runner’s’ World, having complex carbohydrates and proteins are essential for a runner’s recovery diet. Pre- or post-workout foods always should consist of carbohydrates, proteins and/or minerals. What better way than to indulge in all of that than during Thanksgiving?!

Stage 3: Being Full for Three Days

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What else should a runner do during Thanksgiving for their self? It’s one of those holidays where a runner can eat whatever they desire until their stomach is stuffed!

Stage 4: Having Fun

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Not running or working out in the same boring routines feels like a vacation for the body. Partying, shopping, spending time with family or eating more food is worth the break.

Stage 5: Being Lazy

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After all of the food and fun has been complete, a runner will start to feel sluggish because of the lack of motivation. They could probably even question working out again.

Stage 6: Missing Running and Exercising

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A runner will often pass this stage when not working out for a while. According to Psychology Today, it’s a certain type of guilt of where a runner (or pretty much anyone who works out often) will feel as if they haven’t done the right task or feels unfinished.

Stage 7: Motivation Comes Back


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After looking at Instagram fitness models or workout videos, the tendency to run a thousand miles comes back all over again for a runner. The runner can’t wait to run after taking the week off for the holidays.

Stage 8: Feeling for a Great Run


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Finally, a runner’s Thanksgiving is over and they can finally run all over again. Usually, it’s always amazing to be back to running on the track or just another beautiful day at the gym.


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