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Getting Over Your Bikini Fear

Spring break is a time of celebration, vacations, and bikinis. While some of us can’t wait to get to a tropical destination where pants are a foreign concept, others are dreading it.

Source: Giphy Being surrounding by a bunch of other girls in bathing suits can be very intimidating. Some of them look like they haven’t had a french fry in months to prepare for this week! So when you’re a Big Mac, or even a quarter pounder, in a world full of salads, what do you do?

Her Campus ODU has come up with a few simple steps to help you get over your fear of bikinis!

1. Embrace your body!

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Girl those curves are what make you a women! Ain’t no shame in having a little extra meat and honestly guys love it too! Stretch marks and all!  

2. Love your body!

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Not only should you embrace your unique body you should LOVE it! Be proud of who you are and own it. Happy girls are the prettiest girls! A girl who radiates confidence in herself always outshines anyone else.

3. Stop comparing yourself!

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Each and every women was made in her own way to be her own beautiful self! Comparing yourself to another girl is only damaging you mentally and emotionally. You shouldn’t aspire to be a shape or size that your body wasn’t built for. You should only aspire to be the best version of you there is!

4. Flatter your body!

Buy bathing suits and cover ups that make you feel good about yourself! Many stores are expanding their brands to carry super fashionable plus sized clothes and bikinis. It’s all about finding that bathing suit that makes you feel sexy, not the one that Kylie had on last week because honestly, no one will ever look like her!

5. Know your worth!

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The one major problem for most girls is that they don’t know how valuable they truly are. Just because you aren’t as skinny, your hair isn’t as long, or your butt or boobs aren’t as big, doesn’t make you any less pretty. Society has pushed this agenda that a woman’s physical assets determine her worth and that is so wrong!

Above all, you should love yourself and your body for exactly what it is! Whether you’re a size two or ten YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Don’t let the opinions of society or anyone else tear you down. Own your body and enjoy your life!

Hi everyone, I'm Petra (PEE-truh) and I'm an ODU alumna who has branched out to sunny Southern California. Following graduation, I didn't have too much of a plan for where I was going in life but I knew to stay in Virginia was not an option. I wanted more than what was offered there so I started applying to almost every job in all my dream cities and life led me to San Diego. I now do sales, marketing and social media management for a great startup company, Voterfied. I love everything about San Diego and the work I'm doing here. So my advice to everyone, get out of your comfort zone! Take that leap of faith and let life guide you to exactly where you're meant to be. HCXO, Petra!
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