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5 Things To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed as a First Year Student

As you finish up your first few weeks at school, are you already finding yourself stressing out? No matter where you go to college or what program you’re in, the odds are that you’ve felt overwhelmed at some point. It’s totally natural though, and I promise you that you will feel better. So, without further ado, here are my top tips for you.

1. Plan, plan, and plan! Did I say “plan?”



Use planners, your phone, the back of your hand. By managing your time and organizing your day, so much stress will be eliminated. Many of us try to remember everything in our heads — also known as the infamous “mental checklist”– but that’s just way too difficult and an easy recipe for anxiety. I can’t recall how many times I’ve suddenly remembered that I scheduled two conflicting events for the same time and totally panicked.


2. Treat yourself! Make time for things you enjoy!



As busy as we all are, everyone has at least a couple of free moments a week to do what they love. Spend time doing what makes you happy, releasing those endorphins, and you’ll feel so much better instantly.


3. Surround yourself with a support system.



Whether it be friends, family, or a significant other, we all need people to rely on when we’re going through a difficult time. Talking definitely can alleviate so much of the stress.


4. Find permanency. Make your space “you.”



Having a comforting space to study, snack, and sleep has always been a priority for myself. I’ve noticed such a huge difference in my stress levels when I have somewhere I feel comfortable and safe especially when as a first-year, adjusting from home can be extra rough. Decorate your room with cute and heartwarming pieces and try to find a cozy space in Bobst or around campus that you can always go to.


5. Don’t take on too much.



Re-evaluate your responsibilities to prioritize what needs to be done and consider how much you can do while still being comfortable. There are only so many hours in the day and it’s totally okay to say “no.”

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