Review of the Healthy Clean Cut Kitchen

As a long-time fitness fan and regular gym-goer, but also an avid food lover, I’ve wanted to try Clean Cut Kitchen ever since it opened. So, when the opportunity to visit arose last week, I was very excited and had high hopes….

For those who don’t know, Clean Cut Kitchen is located on Derby Road, just on the edge of Nottingham City Centre, near the Playhouse theatre. It aims to serve healthy fresh food but to make it fast and tasty as well.

Walking in for the first time actually left me a bit confused, as I was a little unclear where I needed to order, and there was no sign of any menus. It was only after I asked a staff member that I discovered the menus were behind the counter where I needed to order. This left me feeling a little pressured to choose quickly as I was therefore already standing at the till with a staff member waiting for me to order. However, the staff appear to be pretty knowledgeable about the menu. I chose the ‘Protein Box’ where you choose a protein, a carbohydrate, a sauce and then a choice of both hot and cold vegetables that change each day. As a vegetarian, I chose the grilled tofu, and I couldn’t decide what sauce, but the staff recommended barbeque which went really well. I also had tricolour quinoa, and many of the vegetables, including salad, coleslaw, cubed parsnips and swede, and curried chickpeas. For £7, it was more expensive than what I’d normally pay for lunch in a café, however the portion size was generous and I left feeling super full, which I wouldn’t get from a cheaper but smaller toastie for example.


In all honesty the food didn’t completely live up to my expectations – I cook a lot at home and I think I could have made my lunch myself and it would have been just as good. What I did really like though was the general atmosphere of the café. I’d taken my laptop to get a few bits of admin done and I could have easily done my uni work there too. Admittedly it was quiet, but I think that even at busier times, the layout of the room would mean that you wouldn’t feel too squashed or too close to other people, which makes for a more relaxing experience. For this reason, I would be more than happy to return and try some of the other food and drinks on offer. Equally, the service was quick which suited me well as I was very hungry!

The only other thing I was a little disappointed about was that my lunch had left me so full I definitely didn’t have room to try anything else! I was very intrigued by the protein doughnuts that are available in three flavours, as well as the selection of bars and flapjacks available to buy at the counter. Coffee lovers will also be satisfied as the kitchen uses 200 Degrees Coffee for their hot drinks, meaning that there really is something for everyone.