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We all have those days when we’re just really feeling low or anxious or stressed, and it’s so easy just to binge out on a whole pack of biscuits (or in my case a whole jar of peanut butter) in an attempt to eat our feelings and ease our worries. But often this just leads us to feeling pretty regretful, sick and worst of all can put us off some of our favourite foods…


So, I wanted to give you some ideas of how we can eat in a way that actually will make us feel healthier, more energetic and actually pick us up on those bad days!


1. Eat breakfast: if you want to have a good day, begin it with a really yummy dish that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning. Something filling like porridge is super cool because you can get creative with toppings and include some treats such as chocolate and granola.


2. Eat often: hanger is a real emotion so snack throughout the day to stop your blood sugar dipping and causing you to get tired and annoyed. Good snacks include bananas which release energy slowly!


3. Although you may not crave it when you’re feeling low, high fruit consumption is actually linked to a better mood. Have fun with fruits- blended frozen banana ice cream, strawberries dipped in chocolate, or apple with peanut butter and cinnamon can be some yummy snacks.


4. Keep a healthy gut because if you get stressed or anxious you can get some – let’s say- odd digestive problems… try some probiotic foods like yogurt or if you want to be really bougie check out kombucha or Sauerkraut.


5. Magnesium is known to be a really good nutrient for helping you relax as it helps maintain vital neurotransmitters in the brain that affect our mood. Try making a green smoothie in the morning, using leafy green veg- which is high in magnesium- and orange juice- as vitamin C intake is also linked with better mood.


6. Limit caffeine as this can mess up your sleeping pattern meaning your mood the next day will be affected and you’ll be more emotional and less able to deal with whatever the DG has in store! Try not to drink any coffee after 4pm to ensure a good night’s sleep.


7. Eat potatoes: this food is one of the highest in serotonin: the hormone that makes you feel good, so load up this carby goodness! A baked potato loaded with baked beans is a good idea as this also gives you plenty of protein, which is another important nutrient for normal hormone production, and so always make sure you are eating enough of it too!


8. Cook with friends: this is a super fun and yummy way to destress and spend time with people who are sure to pick you up when you’re feeling down.


But please remember that if you are craving something that’s maybe not the most nutrient packed food- don’t deprive yourself! We all need to treat ourselves sometimes and sometimes it’s more important not to choose foods that fuel you with loads of vitamins and minerals, but to eat foods that make you happy.



Katy Skillen

Nottingham '22

Hi, I'm a second year nutrition and dietetic student at Uni of Notts, interested in healthy eating and living, body positivity and all things food-related!
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