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The Best Things to Do on Your Revision Breaks

In the midst of exam season, it can be hard to not only schedule in your breaks but to “break well” so your come back to your work feeling refreshed enough to keep going for another couple hours.

First things first, as tempting as it can be, DO NOT pick up your phone and scroll aimlessly through Instagram. We’re all guilty of spending at least two hours a day mindlessly scrolling, but trust us; it’s not worth it! If you pick up your phone, your break will be over before you know it, so keep it in your pocket!

Now we’ve cleared that up, we can move on to things you can do:


  1. Schedule in a cuppa

Whether it’s a good old cuppa tea, a hot chocolate (with marshmallows – it’s revision season after all!) or an Americano, a lovely drink waiting at the end of your current revision session will motivate you to get some good work done. Try and collab your breaks with your friends, or if you’re working from home take the time to enjoy a short episode of something (but be strict, don’t binge watch all of Friends!) whilst sipping on your well-earned beverage of choice (save the alcohol for after exams).


  1. Go outside

So simple but SO important. Make sure you take five minutes to have a little wander and some fresh air. You’ll be surprised at how much it clears your head and gets your raring to go again. On a rainy day, keep it brief (maybe just run from the library to Starbucks) but if it’s sunny, make sure you take some time to yourself and stretch your legs.


  1. Don’t think about work!

Breaks are breaks for a reason. Don’t spend your time stressing about work; it’s your time to recharge before you get back down to it. If you need a little rant then that’s fine, but make sure you aren’t thinking about work the entire time!


  1. Try some baking

For a slightly extended break, procrastinate productively and whip up a batch of something to enjoy afterwards. Try these basic flapjacks which are also healthy and perfect to snack on in your breaks the next day:


Makes 9:

150ml milk

2 mashed bananas (preferably ripe ones)

150g porridge oats

Whatever toppings/inclusions you desire – cinnamon, cocoa powder, raisins and chocolate chips would all go well!


  1. Listen to some music

There are plenty of calming playlists on Spotify and Apple Music, or you could even craft your own (but don’t do this at the expense of enjoying the actual break). Pop your headphones in, maybe even close your eyes, and let your mind float elsewhere.


  1. Call someone

Whether it’s a friend or family member (I’m sure your grandparents would be thrilled to hear from you!), stepping outside of your workspace and having contact with someone will be great to allow you to breakaway from revision mode. Just make sure to keep the conversation content focused on life outside of your exams and assignments!


Good luck everyone!

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