Ways to De-Stress

Finals season is approaching sooner than we think! Hello all-nighters and last minute assignments. It’s the most dreaded time of the semester, but hopefully these de-stressing tips will help eliminate your worries through this difficult time.


Grab a buddy and workout! Instead of worrying, you can let out your frustrations at the gym. If you hate working out indoors, go for a jog on the Esplanade. The fresh, crisp air and scenic views of Cambridge and Boston will ease your worries away.

Cut down on caffeine

Caffeine might be the only thing that gets us out of bed, but there are a lot of good reasons to cut down on or totally remove caffeine from our lives. For one, it’s addictive and harmful to the nervous system. In addition, having caffeine late at night can affect our sleeping habits. Cutting down on caffeine will make you less jittery throughout the day and you will not have to rely on it as much. Try swapping coffee for a non-caffeinated beverage or drink decaf.

Eat a healthy diet

No one is saying we should count calories, but we should be aware of what we put into our bodies. Having junk food/fried food can make us feel tired and sluggish throughout the day. Especially after the Thanksgiving diet of turkey, stuffing and pie, eating greens will help you feel more energized. Cheat days are fine, as long as we have a well balanced diet.

Use an oil diffuser

Candles are a great way to make the room smell great, but they can also be fire-hazardous. Try getting an oil diffuser, and opt for relaxing scents. The calming aroma will ease the tension away and make your room smell great at the same time.

Have a spa night

What’s de-stressing without self-care? Pamper yourself with bath bombs and face masks because you totally deserve it. Bath salts are great at easing stress and relieving pain. Lush also released their new holiday collection featuring lots of amazing goodies, old and new. Their new bath bomb, Little Bottle Of Calm, will “get rid of your worries with hints of lavender, chamomile and tonka.”

P.S. Lush products are great for gift giving and they don’t test on animals!

Listen to a good playlist

Sometimes a good playlist can solve all your problems. Make a playlist with your favorite songs or listen to Spotify’s customized Chill playlist. Listen to Whitney, Christine And The Queens and Aquilo if you are looking for beautiful voices to soothe away your stress.

Spend time with friends and family

Schedule a date with all your friends and do something fun. That will help you take your mind off all the stress. Sometimes, you just have to let it all out. A little (or huge) ranting session never hurt nobody. Set up a wine night, watch a beloved movie or plan a fun, little vacation. Spending time with friends and family is beneficial for your mental health and can do wonders.


We all know therapy is really expensive, so going on a shopping spree is the more affordable option. And sometimes, it’s the only cure that works. The holiday season is coming up, so it’s best to get a head start on holiday shopping.