How to Keep Your Health and Fitness New Year's Resolutions

Every year, when the New Year rolls around, the gyms are crowded with people, and people vow to eat healthier in an effort to get in good shape. People go hard and commit to their resolutions for about a month or two, but by the time March rolls around, most people will have forgotten about their resolutions just about completely. While it might be a motivating factor to make goals on the first of the year, these goals are often unattainable. Here are some suggestions for New Year’s resolutions as well as some techniques to implement your resolutions into your everyday life to ensure they last for the whole year.

New Year’s resolution ideas:

1. Eat cleaner.

2. Go to a workout class three times a week.

3. Sleep seven to eight hours a night.

4. Eliminate sweets from your diet.

5. Walk to more places rather than drive.

How to keep them:

1. Write your goal down in a planner everyday until you have it ingrained in your mind.

2. Start practicing your resolution without delay.

3. Choose a resolution that will bring you joy or has an added benefit.

4. Find a friend to practice the resolution with you; this will hold you accountable.

5. Think of it as a lifestyle change instead of a burden or hassle.

Now you’re on your way to making and keeping a New Year’s resolution! Let’s make 2019 a good one!