4 Ways to Prevent Stress

Homecoming is over and final exams are luring over our heads. With obligation on top of obligation, it’s easy for us to start drowning in our stress. As you dive into the latter-half of the semester and get closer to those dreaded final exams, Her Campus NCCU has put together a guide to keep your mental health in check!


Plan your day out in advance

Before you go to sleep, pull out your planner and jot down all the things you need to get done the next day. Try to map out when you’ll complete what task. Be realistic in the goals you set for yourself and never spread yourself too thin!


Start your mornings the right way!

Getting out of bed in the morning is no easy venture, it’s tempting to just keep hitting the snooze button. But, remember, would Beyonce press snooze? NO! So, hop out of bed when your alarm goes off the first time. It won’t be easy but you’ll be grateful later on. Try to squeeze in a quick breakfast to get your brain running smoothly and review your planner so you know just how your day is going to operate.


Take breaks

Going from class to class to library to meeting to a professor’s office to work and to all those other obligations we’ve loaded ourselves down with is not easy. Make sure you slow down throughout the day to give your mind and body a quick rest. Grab a nap in if you can spare!


Make time for the things that bring you joy!

Listen to music, read, visit your friends, hit the gym, whatever brings a small, daily joy to your life is worth investing time in!


Now it’s time to hit the ground running collegiettes, you got this! Remember, self-care is the best care. #HCXO