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Self Care Tips For The Mid-Semester Blues


It’s getting warmer out and spring fever is in full effect. The semester is not over, but the final stretch is near. So, while you’re stuck inside and studying for your final exams of the semester, keep these few things in mind.

The End is in Sight  

YOU CAN DO IT! While it feels that all of your work is slowly, but surely, cumulating and beginning to stack up, remember that the semester is almost over. Though it may not feel like it, there isn’t much time left, so enjoy the time you have left at college before summer. While summer is near (which is much needed), don’t forget to enjoy the little things at school before you’re away from your friends for break. You’ll regret not enjoying your last bit of the semester if you spend it stressed out and irritable. Do your work and do it well, but also take some time for yourself and to be with friends.


Take a walk. Exercise. Do your work outside on a nice day. Just breathe. Surrounding yourself with a calming environment will help you relax, even though you may be working vigorously. A little Vitamin C never hurt anyone. Taking breaks while studying and giving your brain a chance to settle down is good. If you try to cram everything in all at once, your work will not be nearly at the level/quality it could be at. Make sure you’re always at your best so you can put in your best effort. Being in a comfortable setting where you’ll be most efficient is crucial. Don’t forget to take a deep breath and keep pushing through. You got this!

Don’t Forget, Your Mental Health Comes First

While you may obviously want to grind through your work in a fast-paced fashion, don’t stress yourself out too much. A little stress is always good, but too much stress can make what could be manageable work seem overbearing. This final stretch of the semester is for you to focus on you. It’s the last push to get the best grades you can get, and you can’t do that if you’re a hot mess. If work is overwhelming you, step away from it for a little and get back to it when you’ve cooled off. Rather than thinking that wellness is a waste of time, it’s making sure you’re in the right mindset to put your best effort into your work. Don’t deprive yourself of sleep or food. Your physical and mental health are crucial in getting over this mid-semester hump.


Finish the semester off strong! Good Luck!

Jordyn Kamis

Muhlenberg '21