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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

People are constantly worried about what others think about them and ultimately become consumed by it. We don’t do things we enjoy because we worry about what people will think of us and we do things we might not even like so that people like us. Without someone’s approval, we feel insecure, anxious, and like we’re not enough. We post on social media to get approval from others and if we don’t, we judge ourselves even more. 


Well, stop doing that. Other people’s opinions have absolutely nothing to do with us and are more about them, their past, their insecurities, and their interests. You can never please every single person you meet. People will not like you because you remind them of their annoying aunt or they will like you because you remind them of their daughter. It is more about what they have experienced than who you actually are. Letting people control your emotions allows them to control the way you live your life. 


More so, most of the time, people really aren’t even paying attention to you. We like to believe that we are influential in every person we meet lives but we just aren’t. Of course, every person is very important but in a world of so many people, you really are not that special to make someone stop what they’re doing just to talk about you. People are working and focusing on themselves and their dreams that they don’t even have the time to notice what you’re doing. 


So, do whatever you want to do from now on. The only person that can hurt you is yourself because of what you THINK people are saying about you. So start to work on changing your mindset. Believe it or not, you can control your thoughts if you really focus on them. When you start to gain control of your thoughts and emotions, your life will change drastically for the better. 


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