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I have a confession – I haven’t always been a Michigan State fan. I have always loved Ann Arbor and its beauty. The one time I had visited Michigan State, I barely got to see its beauty and assumed it was in a random farm area. However, after being on campus I have found that I absolutely love it and can proudly say that it is my home. Go green always! While being on campus, I have found super fun things to do which have made me love living on campus more and more everyday! Here’s a list of things you NEED to do while in East Lansing:

Pinball Pete’s

This is an absolute classic; I’m sure you already knew about this one. Seriously though, this is an absolute must. It’s such a small vintage arcade that is super fun to go to on dates or with friends/family.

High Caliber

If you’re into adventure you will love this! From axe throwing to rage rooms to go karting, this place is for you. It is so fun to go with your friends as a group or by yourself to take a break from school!

Playing Picasso

This is such a hidden gem and is an absolute must! This has to be one of my favorite date ideas ever. Playing Picasso has a wide variety of ceramics and pottery to pick from and paint. Your piece will be baked and glossed ready for you to pick up!  Express your creativity and create something personalized while having fun!

Grand River

Grand River is such a beauty. It gives you the feeling of city life and a bustling environment all in just one street. There is so much to do, from amazing restaurants and food to shopping. Some of my favorite places to eat are Barrios, Hopcat, YumYum Bento, and Charlie Kang’s!

Get a massage

Being a student, employee, or just human isn’t always fun. You definitely need a relaxing treat once in a while to refresh yourself from school/work stress. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage at Massage & Wellness Store and Center. You can also shop at their store for some relaxing unique goodies!

Beaumont Tower

This is a staple visit when you are on campus. When I was a freshman I was told about the legend of the Beaumont Tower: taking someone special to the Beaumont Tower for a kiss at exactly 12 AM will ensure a lifelong bond. While I can’t make any promises, I highly recommend having a picnic at the Beaumont Tower just to appreciate its beauty…and listening to the clock dinging of course.

Hit the Bars

If you are 21+, Michigan State is known for having amazing bars. So, if you are down to party the night away one night, definitely check them out!

Take a trip to the Meridian Mall

If you like shopping, Meridian Mall is the closest mall to campus and a bus can easily take you there. I love to spend some weekends just to casually shop around and hang out with friends at the mall. If you’re looking for something simple to do, make your way to the mall!

I hope this short list gives you ideas for your next trip or adventure at Michigan State University. Spartan Strong!!

Hi! I'm Bhavya :) I'm currently a sophomore at Michigan State University majoring in Genomics & Molecular Genetics.
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