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Self Care is Essential

As midterms approach and school kicks into full gear, it’s easy to be neglectful of our physical and mental health. Especially now that it incorporates social distancing, wearing masks, and online school, life can be even more overwhelming and unpredictable than before.


Based on what I’ve heard from other students and my own personal experience, this whole online learning system has students feeling like we’re spending more time doing work online than we would have in person, and it sucks. Not only is it discouraging and mentally draining, but it’s also now easier than ever to neglect self-care.  


Similarly to how focusing on our education helps propel us forward to reach our goals, taking time to take care of ourselves serves the same purpose. Anything from a whole day to just a few hours of doing something that truly relaxes you will make all the difference. 


The fact is self-care doesn’t look the same for everyone. Intricate and individualized self-care is essential to our overall long-term health and success. So if face masks and candles aren’t your style, taking a drive and listening to your favorite playlist, cooking your favorite meal, or even just laying on the couch reading a book or watching TV might be better for you.


It’s okay and justified to take time for yourself and take time to breathe and relax without feeling guilty for not working. Either way, taking intentional time out of your day to care for yourself reinforces the truth that our individual bodies and feelings of exhaustion or just wanting a break are justified and deserving of our attention.

My name is Sarah Okeke and I'm a Sophmore majoring in Biomedical Lab Science as well as pursuing a minor in Sociology at MSU. I would love to go to Medical School when graduate and become a physician in the future. I'm very passionate about foreign service and activism. In my free time, l enjoy art, cooking, shopping, and watching Netflix!
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