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College is more or less synonymous with stress. Here are a couple things I like to do to calm down when I feel like my homework is taking over me.

Take A Walk

This is by far my favorite thing to do when I feel overwhelmed. There’s something so calming about ten minutes of fresh air, especially if you’ve been stuck inside all day. I feel lucky to live in beautiful north campus and have a cute little twenty-minute path I love to walk almost every day and play my music.


Sometimes, I physically feel like I can’t do any work if I don’t talk to my mom first. I have 1,000 random thoughts going on in my head and I need to get them out to finally breathe. I genuinely think taking that time to talk to someone so that you can concentrate on your work is so essential to being productive.

Housewife Life

This is what I call my life when I dedicate my day to doing laundry, taking out the trash, organizing my room, and all the usual “housekeeping” stuff. Life can feel overwhelming if your space is messy, and sometimes you need to direct all your energy into being productive in this way before you can be productive with your homework.

Romanticize the Work

Would you rather do your statistics homework locked up in your room, or would you rather get all cute and feel pretty, sit at your local coffee shop, people-watch, act mysterious, and do your statistics homework? For me, the answer is always the latter. It might not always be the most productive thing, but if you have a low-priority  assignment that you just can’t bring yourself to do, try romanticizing it.

To be honest, I’m the world’s worst procrastinator and I do all these things on an endless loop until the only thing left is to actually do the work, so you might only want to try one method at a time. Best of luck!

Lauren is a Freshman at Michigan State majoring in Journalism and minoring in Broadcast and Business. She's had a passion for writing since she was little and is thrilled to have the opportunity to write for Her Campus MSU. You can reach her by email through coinlaur@msu.edu.