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I was convinced that liking you was me being too careless 

In order for me to confess, I knew I had to be Fearless 

I tried to capture your attention someway, somehow 

When I would try to confront you, I will tell myself to Speak Now

I was frightened and scared and tried to get you out of my head

I was so full of anger at my missed chances that all I could see was Red

I knew we had given each other so many hints and signs

This present day and era is more complicated than 1989

Oh goodness, you put me through so much frustration

Trying to hide insecurities and maintain a good Reputation

The many years of heartbreak from the past I’ve discovered

Has left me longing to reunite with you, my former Lover

You are one of the people that I absolutely adore

A real life fairytale disguised as Folklore

Are you mature enough to say that I’m truly yours?

Will you wrap me in your arms just forevermore?

You enlighten me, like the darkness illuminated by moonlight

My heart racing when you’d meet me at Midnights

You try to play the wrong part because you’re too blind to see

I accepted you for who you are and know that You Belong With Me

I’ll be patient with you and let you figure it out in due time

To see how happy you could be, if only you were Mine

In the meantime, I’m focusing on my life and trying to excel,

But we have so much history together that I know you All Too Well

You’re on a different course in life, so I try not to intervene

Will you remember me in the future as part of your Wildest dreams?

I have much passion and can show you how I can be affectionate 

I know you’re quite sensitive, so I’ll try to be Delicate

You make my heart burst into colors that take shape of a rainbow

When the colors start to fade, you can still see its Afterglow

I fell head over heels when I saw that charming smile

I can’t help but feel like those memories are now in Exile

I have to admit that our love story eventually hit rock bottom

Due to the distance between us colliding with our own Champagne Problems

My heart has been pierced by a metal bow and arrow 

During the times I felt like the outcasted Anti-Hero

You’re so special to me and have many God given gifts

These words are spoken from the heart with the help of Taylor Swift

Kailah is a third-year student pursuing a B.S. in Neuroscience and minor in Cognitive Science at Michigan State University. She is obsessed with learning about the creation of earth science and the formation of health science. She has a passion for creating music compositions and performing on a variety of instruments. In her free time, she enjoys self-teaching herself how to play music arrangements on the piano, guitar, and the violin. Kailah gets her inspiration from watching many TV/Movie genres and enjoy playing video games. She also adores writing genuine articles and remarkable poetry that many individuals can relate to.