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I’d be okay

If you broke up with me

Cuz you didn’t like me anymore

Or cuz you had to move

Or cuz you got sick of me

Or cuz you cheated on me.

But I’m not okay

Cuz we both want each other

But can’t be together

And that’s not anything my mind can


I miss you every day

I pass you every day;

It’s like fate is telling us we belong together

It’s painful

So f*cking painful.

I just wanna kiss you

Tell you about my day

Want you to yell at me for not knowing

Your fav music band.

I want to cuddle the night away.

I want you.

And I know you’re the one

I know we’ll be together again

Even if you don’t know it yet,

Just gotta be patient.

I’m not dating anyone else

You told me I was your last first kiss

And you don’t lie.

Sydney Savage is a student at Michigan State University studying psychology and creative writing. She loves writing romcom novels in her free time and wants to be an author someday. She loves writing on topics she's passionate about :)
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