How Journaling is Saving My Mental Health

Self-care today has become an incredibly rich topic of conversation, ranging from topics of which face mask is the best to use for all your skin-care needs to how yoga or meditation can have a transformative effect on your mental health. As someone who has definitely been feeling the need to maximize upon taking care of myself and investing in creating a safe space in which to take care of myself, I have found that beyond face-masks and fancy candles, journaling is one of the best ways I’ve found to help manage my anxiety and any other stressors that appear in my day.

Keeping a journal or diary has always been an off and on practice for me, but recently I’ve found a newfound desire to make space for myself to write for a few minutes as often as I can, simply to organize and better understand my thoughts. It can be easy to spiral into one’s self and become overwhelmed by homework, jobs, and friendships and the best thing about keeping a journal is that you can write any and all thoughts down without fear of being judged. There’s something very therapeutic about releasing any negative energy out of oneself and into the world, and by putting it in a journal, you can feel comfortable tackling those stressors. 

By getting in the habit of journaling, even if it’s not every day, you’re sure to find out something new about yourself, whether it’s that you really hate writing or that you find it super helpful to visually and physically organize your thoughts! At the end of the day, self-care is an important practice for all, and finding what works for you can make all the difference.