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I’m a big fan of poems and romance, so when I put them together, I get super excited. I think love is a difficult thing to express in general, but when you put it down on paper in ways others can relate to, it becomes something more. I wrote a poem about the insecurities of starting a new relationship and starting one before you are ready to. It’s about putting the other person before yourself, as if being a girlfriend is the only role you are meant to have in your life. It’s something a lot of girls and guys may go through. It’s called “He’s the Sun.” 

He’s the Sun

I’m falling in love again,

but I’m more scared than happy;

I built a shield around my heart

just like the cage

my soul has been hiding in,

But I lost the cage

Because now my identity

is how He sees me.

A recipe for a weapon of mass destruction,

Killing me so many times

that they can’t find a single piece of me,

just a lock of hair

found in between the orange cones

and red and blue lights

parked outside my house,

And it turns out it was His,

His hair that got caught in my jacket

when we were slow-dancing

in the refrigerator glow

in my kitchen;

I’m a star

But He’s the sun,

Someone I worship instead of

worship with.

It’s all in my head,

He doesn’t text all day,

and my mind thinks about

a hotel hookup

with me sitting in the car outside


I need validation,

It’s the only way to stop my

red vines of poison envied

heartbreak from infecting my whole body.

It’s the honeymoon phase:

Late-night kisses and empty promises

soon to be turned into bullets

I’ll be too sensitive to dodge;

It almost killed me last time.

I feel like a pencil,

it takes two seconds for Him to erase me.

I’m the Queen of overthinking,

And He’s the King of everything.

It’s why I throw my phone away,

the cracks in the screen,

making me see-through,



So I have to be on my own

And with him.

Make it so we’re both suns:

He’s the summer and spring sun,

I’m the autumn and winter one,

And we have to rotate together.

Sydney Savage is a student at Michigan State University studying psychology and creative writing. She loves writing romcom novels in her free time and wants to be an author someday. She loves writing on topics she's passionate about :)
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