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My favorite hobby is to try out new products and subscriptions related to health, beauty, and wellness. Through my journey I’ve found some brands that I’ve stuck with and keep using because they are just that good! I’ve combined a short list of brands I’ve currently been loving and think you should check out. So, let’s get right into it!

  1. Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture is an amazing brand. Not only is it placed at an affordable price point, but it also is black girl and POC friendly! The products work for men and women of all hair types: curly to straight. They’re also natural, sustainable, paraben, and sulfate-free. I find their products to have long lasting effects. My favorites by far are their coconut oil that I use as a pre-wash treatment, body moisturizer, and after-shave treatment. I also like their protein hair mask which leaves my hair feeling super silky!

  1. Native

I never really understood the concept behind natural deodorants and found it hard to believe why their products were placed at a slightly higher price point than other famous brands. However, after testing out different natural deodorants and shampoos I never want to look back! Native deodorants come in a great variety of scents and there are so many to try out. Natural deodorants haven’t seemed to work for me, especially on really hot days or times you sweat a lot. Native deodorants, however, emit delicious smells even when you are sweating. They also now have a haircare line that I am trying out and absolutely loving. Derived from 10 staple ingredients, they smell amazing, and leave my hair clean and healthy. 

  1. Love Wellness

Love Wellness is a brand I randomly stumbled on one day and decided to try. After trying the products through a subscription I really enjoy them and do see myself keeping the subscription. They have all sorts of probiotics, vitamins, and pills for all things ranging from PMS to glowing skin. Moreover, the brand is curated by OB/GYN doctors which makes me feel like I’m in safe hands! I use the triple threat kit and love it, but there are also multiple combinations and individual items available.

  1. August 

TikTok has led me to find this brand and I do not regret it. August is a period brand that makes sustainable, plastic-free, tampon-tax free, easily biodegradable period care that can be customized and shipped to your door through a subscription package. I currently have a make your own box and have found the products to be super soft. I’m still testing them out, but so far they are amazing and eco-friendly!

  1. Anomaly 

If you are looking for a very affordable (LITERALLY $5.99), sustainable, chemical- /sulfate- /paraben-free clean haircare, Anomaly is for you! The brand spends less on packaging by using recycled plastics and has amazing gentle ingredients for your hair. From hair masks to dry shampoo they’ve got you covered! I’ve used the shine conditioner and dry shampoo and found that both produce visible results!

What are you waiting for? Go check out these brands and treat yourself. :)

Hi! I'm Bhavya :) I'm currently a sophomore at Michigan State University majoring in Genomics & Molecular Genetics.
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