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i gave you a full heart that you broke into halves,

embedded with all my trust and all i had 

sundry vibes arising in me

no explanation as to how it could be

you control me day until night

but i want you to know that i’ll never be alright

my head will be forever bruised 

with the words that you said to abuse

i thought that i was good enough for you 

until I no longer was in your view

my heart has holes and tears from all of your lies

the days turned blue to gray skies

i’m not sure how much i more i can take 

no remedy can cure my heartache 

and the clouds rain down with all the tears that i’ve wasted on you

and there’s no way for the sun to shine 

on through,

but they tell me that there will be better days 

and that life is just a tricky maze

i gave you everything and in return I have nothing,

you said i looked so stunning, how could I have been so trusting, 

that one day you’d just run away

leaving me to say…

Hi there! I am currently a junior that is part of The University of Michigan's chapter of HerCampus. I am a BCN and English double major, with aspirations to become a physician. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with loved ones, catching up on a good book, or streaming a copious amount of shows and movies on Netflix.
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