Andrea Kelly '18


Name: Andrea Kelly

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology and IDS Health & Society

Hometown: Kalamazoo


What is MSU Spartan Body Pride? Spartan Body Pride is a student org dedicated to promoting body positivity and raising awareness about eating disorders on MSU's campus. We host monthly meetings and events related to these topics, ranging from yoga nights, to bringing in guest speakers, to visiting residence halls and giving students information and resources.

How did you get involved with SBP? I joined SBP as a freshman because I wanted to be a part of an organization I was really passionate about. I heard about the group in my nutrition class one day, and I thought its message was really important, especially on a college campus. I joined the organization’s e-board right away because I wanted to be really involved in the group.

What is your favorite thing about SBP? My favorite thing about SBP is our members! I love being around students who share the same passions as me, and our members have worked incredibly hard over the past couple of years to make an impact on our community. I always leave our meetings feeling refreshed by the enthusiasm and passion of our members.

What is your favorite SBP event you’ve helped organize? My favorite event has been our yoga nights with Inner Door Center, an eating disorder treatment center in Royal Oak. We have them come out and lead us in yoga every year, as it is a truly transformative and therapeutic experience. Some students have even told our members that attending our yoga nights gave them the courage to go to Inner Door Center for treatment services.

What is your favorite thing about MSU? My favorite thing about MSU has been the wide variety of experiences it has given me -- from my involvement in Spartan Body Pride to becoming a resident assistant, participating in volunteer trips and getting to work in a research lab. I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people from these opportunities.

Where do you see yourself after graduation? After graduation, I hope to get my Master's in public health. I'd like to eventually be involved in health education programs for young women.

If someone wanted to join SBP, what would you tell them? Come out to our events during Celebrate Every Body Week, Feb. 26-March 4! We will be sharing resources with students in Wells and Brody, hosting a yoga night with Inner Door Center, bringing in a guest speaker to talk about eating disorder treatment and using a social media campaign to get students more involved. Check our Facebook page for more information in the next couple of weeks.