5 Benefits Of Yoga

Every year, new year resolutions are made and they usually have to do with getting fit and healthy. Collegiettes, this is great because if you made the decision to get healthy, you’re off to a good start! Starting off can be a bit difficult, but we’ve found something that may make it easier for you to begin. YOGA! Yoga is probably the most relaxing form of exercise you could do. With how unpredictable and hectic life is, you’re going to want to practice yoga. Yoga is a combination of meditation, stretching, balance, flexibility, and so much more! The best thing about yoga is that anyone can do it; women, men, old, and young. Yoga has many benefits and we’re going to tell you our top five!


1. Relieve stress: Yoga helps relieve stress and practicing yoga will help you clear your mind. When I practice yoga, I usually go in thinking about something like a paper I need to finish or an exam I need to study for. There is always something on my mind. While practicing, all those worries fade away and I am at total peace. It’s nice to not think about anything for an hour.

2. Flexibility: You’re not going to be able to jump right into your Bakasana (that’s you crane pose) on the first day. Over time, you will become more and more flexible and you will be able to bend in ways you never knew you could!

3. Breathing: This one may seem a bit funny because you’re probably thinking, If I wasn’t breathing, I wouldn’t be alive. As much as that is true, when was the last time you really breathed? You know, inhaled and exhaled? Yoga will help you breathe better because as you are moving through different poses, breathing will make even the most difficult poses easier!

4. Sleep better: You’re going to sleep like a newborn baby! If you don’t immediately fall asleep right after yoga (like I always do), you’ll sleep peacefully at night. Yoga will shorten the amount of restless nights in your future and you’ll be happier than ever!

5. Intimacy: Yoga will help you become more aware of your body and what you are capable of doing. From Self.com, we found out that yoga speeds up the release of hormones for arousal. With all these together, you’ll have an amazing and exciting sex life.


Want to try out yoga? Here are some great ways to start!

  • Find a class! Most new students are able to try 1 FREE class at many studios.
  • Try watching YouTube videos to learn the basics.
  • Begin to stretch every morning when you wake up.


Good luck with your future practice! Namasté.


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