Wait, Did You Say there's a Healthy Chocolate?

We all know that chocolate can cure almost any bad day, but chances are from time to time there is still a wave of guilt that comes with eating it. What if chocolate was in fact beneficial to our health? Would we finally be able to consume it freely with no strings attached? Imagine a world where chocolate could lift any bad mood and benefit your health.  According to an article titled The Health Benefits of Chocolate, author Lindsey Laderoute explains that this world actually exists. Lucky for us, it’s our world.

After reading this article, I sorted out the best surefire facts to help you win your next debate over whether or not you need that candy bar. Granted, this article narrowed the options of chocolate down to raw cocoa and dark chocolate, I still consider this a win. Laderoute explains that “raw cocoa or 100-percent cocoa,” is best for your health. With that, I have never heard of a little sugar hurting anyone.

Cocoa is beneficial to your health because it has many antioxidants. This means that it can help your body in a couple different ways, two of which being inflammation and blood pressure. Scientists have noted that after the process of absorption is complete, the antioxidants in cocoa have given life to the idea that there could be a connection between cocoa and lower blood pressure. The best part of this discovery was also the connection between cocoa and a smaller waistline. Chocolate and a small waist?! Who knew it could be so wonderful.

Dark chocolate, the devilishly good twin sister of milk chocolate. Dark chocolate has a lot of similar benefits as cocoa, partly because the higher the cocoa content in the dark chocolate, the better it is for you! Dark chocolate is said to prevent cardiovascular disease and, as we all know, make you happier. However, though many people can testify about the mental health benefits of chocolate, studies also show that there is a chemical in dark chocolate, Tryptophan, that is a known and widely used antidepressant. Dark chocolate can increase serotonin levels leaving your mind and body full and satisfied.

Adding cocoa and dark chocolate to your diet can be even easier now with the increased knowledge of the health benefits they provide. Whether it be adding a little cocoa to your morning coffee or indulging on a morsel of dark chocolate, let the guilt that follows, follow no more. Eating chocolate is now just another way to keep your body healthy and your mind alert and happy.