How To Take Care of Yourself This School Year

Ah, the school year has officially started. The breeze is blowing on orange sweaters, fresh notebooks are weighing down backpacks, and stress is starting to make every student’s head spin.

    Wait--what? Let’s back up here. There’s no need to let that stress and anxiety create a painful buzz behind your eyes! You should be on campus, breathing in the fall air and relishing in the excitement of what you will accomplish in just a few short months. Sure, maybe the classes you picked out this semester aren’t turning out to be as glamorous as you originally thought, but why let that hold you back? You are glowing! This school year, you are going to conquer your classes, social life, and club activities-- all while taking care of your own personal health. Here’s a few life tips to hopefully give you an anchor to hold onto during this stormy school year…


Start With A Planner

    Okay, yes, I know-- every person alive tells you to get a planner for school. And maybe you do get one-- but how long does it actually last? A few months? A few weeks? And then it gets put in a drawer to be forgotten until you move back home for the summer. Instead of using this waste of money cycle, let’s try to get a jump start this year. 

Step One, keep that planner in your backpack! If you see this pesky book everyday, you will be reminded to keep up with it everyday! Plus, at the end of every class, you’ll have time to write down those pesky homework assignments on the day they are due. It’s hard to forget the due date of an assignment when it’s written right next to that very large number.

Step Two, cross out those assignments with a different color pen. The feeling of satisfaction in your chest when you see a full week crossed out will keep you coming back for more. It’ll also help ease your anxiety at one in the morning when you can’t remember if you finished your homework for the next day.

Step Three, OWN IT! Use stickers, markers, glitter-- anything that screams you and gets you excited to write about that three-page paper due on Monday (eek!).


Take A Break

    Great, now that we went over a lot, let’s take a break! Grab the blankets, pop the popcorn, and turn on Netflix. Yes, grades are important, and organization will get you there, but take a breath! Rest your eyes, drink your tea, write a poem-- whatever it is that calms you down, even for just 30 minutes, do it! Your brain needs time to breathe before it completely burns out.

    Recognize when you are starting to spiral downwards. When your head starts hurting, your eyes start itching, or when your back starts to pinch-- that’s when it’s okay to step away and take some time to yourself! Your mental health is a priority, and your success isn’t possible if you don’t take care of it.


Clean Your Room

    Woah, woah, slow down, don’t scroll past this yet! When things start to get crazy and cluttered in your life, you can take control through your surroundings. Fold the laundry, use the vacuum, and light the candles to top it all off. When life around you is clean and fresh, your body and mind can start to relax, too. When the waters start to feel a little too deep, and you’re not sure how to catch your breath, start with your dresser and desk. Create space for yourself to breathe. You can’t control everything, but it’s better to start somewhere, isn’t it?


Find Your Own Jam

    Finding your jam does not always mean waiting for that new Post Malone album to drop. It means finding what works with you. Your friend may find sitting in the library on the bean bag chairs as the best form of studying-- but does that vibe with you? Take your time to find your pace and speak out when you need a change. Is it alone time, movie time, yoga time? Is it computer notes or handwritten? Silence or music? Find what puts your mind at ease, independent of what others think.


    This year is yours-- so own it. Remember the glow and excitement you had looking towards this school year and hold onto it. Take a few deep breaths and refocus your mind. This year will be full of stress and anxieties, but hopefully these tips can help you through them.