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For some, college can be a riveting time constantly surrounded by friends as classes fill up your week. But, like I and many others I know, college can be a scary transition and it’s okay to realize it doesn’t have to be perfect or filled with socialization. I’ve had to learn that taking time to myself is healthy and not as sad as some people make it seem. Here are some tips I’ve gathered while being at college for a semester.

1. Find a routine and stick to it

This can be as easy as creating playlists that surround your schedule. If you’re anything like me, you are constantly listening to music when you wake up or as you walk to class. It’s comforting and almost refreshing to know that you can create this internal routine based solely on music. When creating this routine, remember to include time for entertainment. Block out some time during your schoolwork to watch that next Euphoria episode or give yourself a chance to scroll through TikTok during your lunch. 

2. Treat yourself

I feel like this is a phrase we hear constantly, and it might have lost its meaning. Whether it’s picking up some Starbucks for your walk to class or going across campus for that one meal you love, treating yourself to something you love, no matter how small, is an important way to truly enjoy the time you spend alone.

3. make time to wake up and wind down

Block out time when you first wake up and before you go to bed to wind down. Letting your mind unwind at the end of the day avoids the problem of restlessness and promotes longer and deeper sleep. Winding down can include anything relaxing like skincare, an episode of your favorite television show or even journaling.

“Cognitive arousal, or a busy mind, is ten times more likely to be rated as the reason for sleep difficulties by patients with insomnia than physical arousal, or a tense and restless body,” according to ZME Science.

4. Active, indulgent, rejuvenating

Something active, something indulgent and something rejuvenating. Try to structure your week around these three activities. Keeping your body active and moving promotes a healthy body and a healthy mind. This can be anything from going to the gym and lifting weights, to taking the scenic route back from classes. Indulging yourself isn’t something to look down on. Sometimes, nothing sounds better than a couple of scoops of ice cream while watching a romantic Ryan Gosling flick. Something I’ve started implementing into my normal weekly schedule is a self-care night once a week. I prefer to take these on Sunday nights to wash off all of the stress that has built up in the past week and truly treat my body with the care it deserves. 

Following these steps will not only help with spending time on your own but promote a better mindset throughout your week. When it comes down to it, college is daunting. For most, this is the first time we’re dipping our toes into adult life. With no curfews or parents asking a million questions, it’s hard to find a balance between social life and personal life. Most of all, don’t forget everyone is figuring it out right alongside you.

Hey! My name is Catherine Crayon and I'm from Kansas City, Missouri. (Go Chiefs!) I'm currently a freshman studying journalism. Recent interests of mine include exploring downtown Columbia, watching crime documentaries, and good, old fashioned hanging out with friends. One day, I hope to work for a lifestyle magazine or a creative agency.