7 Things To Do if You Want to Stick to Your Workout Resolution

Everyone knows the typical “New Year, New Me” saying, and we all know the frustration of going to the gym during January. There’s a line to get in, all the machines are busy, and all the lockers are taken. Now that February’s approaching, the lines are getting smaller and the machines are opening up as people find it harder and harder to stick to their resolutions. So here are a few tips that may help you stick with your resolution:  

Love your body before starting to workout

The body you have is beautiful. Realize that and be okay with your body before you try to change it. Then, if you don’t reach your goal, you won’t be disappointed with your body and won’t struggle to feel beautiful in it. You also won’t feel like a failure if you eat McDonald’s chicken nuggets or skip a workout.


Set realistic expectations.

Losing ten pounds in a week isn’t as realistic as losing three pounds in a month. Set up goals that will be easier to accomplish little by little. For example, if you are just starting to work out, make it a goal to go to the gym three times a week for the next month. If you’ve been working out for a while, try lifting 70 pounds instead of 60. Do whatever you feel comfortable with and what is realistic for yourself, your schedule and your body.


Tell a friend your workout goals.

Having someone to workout with is great. Telling your friend or partner what you hope to accomplish makes you more committed. Either they’ll go workout with you, ask how it’s going, or encourage you to keep working hard. Just having someone who knows your goals and can push you to accomplish them is helpful. Plus, you’ll have someone else holding you accountable to your resolution.


Plan ahead.

Set up a workout before you get to the gym. Write it down on your cellphone, a notebook, even your hand if you must (even though that will probably wipe off when you get sweaty). Just know what you’re doing and how many sets or repetitions you’re planning on completing. A plan will help you feel accomplished once you’re done. If you can’t accomplish something, you can see with time how you’re improving when you finally get it done. It can also be more efficient as you won’t spend time deciding what machine to try next, and everyone knows we have homework to do, Sally’s to get to, or The Bachelor to watch.



Follow fitness trainers on social media.

Seeing other people happy and working out will inspire you to do the same. Every morning that I wake up, the first thing I do is scroll through Instagram. One of the first things I see is a mirror selfie of Kayla Itsine, mostly her abs. It reminds me what I want to accomplish, and I feel motivated to work out. Most trainers post healthy meals, motivational quotes, and workout videos. Some recommendations are Kayla Itsine if your goal is to lose weight, Sjana Elise Earp if you love yoga and Linn Lowes if you want to build muscle.


Invest in a Fitbit (or something similar).

One of the most frustrating things about working out is wanting to see results now. You will probably see results one month after you start working out while other people will notice in two months. Having a Fitbit or other fitness trackers helps you see results on the spot. You can see how much your body worked in that workout and it can also help you keep track of how effective your workout is. Ask your parents to get you one for Christmas, your birthday, whatever. Or, if you can afford it, go to the Dinkytown Target and get one.


Realize the benefits of working out.

It’s so much more than getting abs or a toned body. Those are great and can make you feel better about yourself, but working out has so many other benefits. For example, it improves sleep quality, decreases the chance of heart disease, increases strength and flexibility, is a natural stress reliever and boosts happiness by releasing endorphins (the happy hormone). There is so much more, so if getting lean isn’t motivating you, remind yourself of all the mental benefits and the good you’re doing for your body.


I am just a Gopher trying to fit working out into my busy life of studying, working, and going out, and these are some tips that have helped me. So, good luck Gophers, maybe I’ll bump into you at the rec!