My Relationship to Exercising and Ways to Improve

It's no secret that most days I would rather stay on the couch and watch TV (I feel like most people can relate), but that might not be the best way of spending my time. Do you ever get that feeling when you are walking upstairs and you make it to the top, but you are so out of breath you can barely speak? You sometimes might even say something a lot of us may have said or thought before like, "Man, I need to work out more..." Well, trust me, I've been there. 

Then in my wellness class, I learned something new... I learned about strength training which specializes in creating resistance and building your muscle endurance. In my definition, you basically won't be running out of breath when going up a flight of stairs. The more you train and exercise, the easier running up those stairs to class will be. By working on your body physically, you can improve the way you feel when you are chasing the bus, or running to class because you're late. Now I am not the most physically active girl out there. I am pretty sure I always finished last when we ran the mile in school, but when reading the benefits of muscular strength and endurance in my textbook, it inspired me to start a routine and work out more frequently, so I can improve the little things in my physical life. My relationship with exercising wasn't perfect, but it was about to get better!

I have found that great motivations to get up and get exercising can be going to the gym with a friend, buying a new workout outfit, or even making a pinboard for browsing on Pinterest filled with encouraging quotes or my favorite, different types of exercises.

While scrolling on Pinterest, I stumbled upon many workout routines. There are so many to choose from. There are workout routines for your legs, arms, core, and even for the BOOTY! Here's a routine that I'd like to share for all my lazy girls out there...

I learned many things in my wellness class, but what stuck with me was how even though everyone is different (which means their approach to fitness will be different) it never hurts to try. So whether you are on the couch watching season 3 of your favorite show or curious about where to start to improve your physical health, there are many ways to help include and encourage exercising in your daily life. I personally will "try" to train my strength so I won't be having an asthma attack while heading upstairs to my communication class. Till next time!

HCXO, Valentina

All images courtesy of Pinterest