I Started Leading With Optimism - Here’s The Ways It Changed My Life

There is so much that changes when you make the decision to start seeing the world in a happier perspective. Recently, I decided to do just that. I decided that my life was no longer going to amount to sadness and negativity, but that it was going to become a beacon of light and a source of positivity. And with that, I am happy to say that I am the happiest I’ve ever been.


The First Step

Six months ago, I was sad. I didn’t talk much about it, but there were aspects of my life that were always causing me to see things in a darker shadow. I had recently faced a long-term breakup, I would be leaving some of my life-long friends shortly for college, I felt behind in life, there was a buildup of past situations weighing down on me, insecurity, worry, and unrealistic expectations for myself and for others. I felt like the world was against me in some sense. Everything was falling down at my feet.

There was a night in June of 2018 where I decided to stop being so sorry for myself. If I was going to start living a life I loved, there is no reason that it should wait any longer than now. With some big changes coming in my life, one of them including college, I needed to be on my strongest feet. And that was the night where my life started to shift in the positive direction.

The Journey

The next few months after that was a process. There were still nights that I cried, there were times that I felt insecure in my own skin, and there were times I felt like trying to be happy was not going to help how I was feeling. But, I persisted. Those nights began to become outnumbered by the nights I spent meditating about happiness, changing my word choice to become more optimistic, and making vision boards for the life that I was trying to achieve (the first vision board is still hanging on the wall of my college dorm today). My heart was starting to become happy.

When I then got to college, I was able to let this version of myself blossom. It was almost like a reset button on my life. Yes, there was still nights where I let my negative side win, but the negative attitude I once exhibited had shrunk significantly. Here at college, I have met so many people who inspire me to keep persisting in happiness (among them being my Her Campus girls) and circumstances that remind me how strong my optimism has helped me to become. It’s remarkable how looking for a fresh start can really help a goal of yours to be achieved. With this, I joined many clubs and took many opportunities that I would not have exhibited in the past.

In the realms of insecurity, it is so incredible how much I began to find worth in both my body and mind. I used to see my body in such a negative way: I hated my weight, my acne, my posture. But, without my body, there would have been no possibility for me to change my life in the way I did. Also, it is so much better on the brain to start seeing your body as a gift. In my opinion, self-love is the biggest achievement you can ever achieve, and it all starts with making the decision to lead with optimism.

Making The Changes

I encourage you to look at situations that you may have seen the negative side of things. Maybe you are feeling sad and need to evaluate your attitude about life, just as I did. Start with a goal, decide that from this moment on you will strive to live your best life. Then, start making small changes with your attitude. Make a virtual vision board on Pinterest of happy quotes and personal goals to illustrate what exactly you are working towards. Start changing your word choice to be happier. For example, if you are running late for someone, instead of saying “I’m sorry”, say “Thank you for waiting for me”. Next time you want to complain about your day, lead with a blessing from the day instead. For example, maybe say “Today wasn’t the best, but I did get to see my friend that I haven’t seen in a while”. Do the same thing with your body as well, look for blessings before things you see as negative.

Certainly, six months ago, I never thought I would be writing an article talking about my journey finding a happy life. I figured I would still be in the same position, seeing things in a way that is not healthy, shedding tears for my insecurity, making myself small instead of letting myself blossom.  I am so full of love for my personal journey because, without it, I would not have a sense of light like I have today. We’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel, my friends, and it is the most beautiful thing you could ever dream of.