How to be a Girl Boss: College Edition

Hey girl bosses, self care is a major key to happiness and is a great way to be your best self. It can be hard to show yourself love when college keeps you busy, but here are some easy ways to make yourself feel the best you can, all while sticking to your busy schedule!

  1. Keep a gratitude journal

Keeping a gratitude journal is one of the quickest ways to either start a day or end a day in a great way. I personally right in mine after every day before I go to bed. My personal routine for this is to first write my blessings for the day. I usually write ten or more on my page, and remember that no blessing is a dumb one! There’s no shame in writing about what you are thankful for even if it is small.

Next, under my blessings, I will write 3-5 affirmations from the day. These can be a real mood booster, so don't be afraid to write more than 5!

Lastly, under my affirmations, I’ll write my goals for the next day. I usually keep the goals that I write down in my journal very on the optimistic side, so be sure to keep this in mind when writing these down! The point of this journal is to make you happy and make you feel like your best self. Be sure to write in this every morning or night, it takes less than five minutes and truly is a mood booster!


       2. Get your work done as soon as possible

This one speaks for itself, and I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times from your parents in grade school, but the quicker you get the tedious things out of the way, the quicker you can have time to do the things you love! Take small breaks as needed, but set aside large periods of time to do the work for your classes and studying for any quizzes/exams coming up. I always like to do mine in the library: ill usually get a coffee, spread all of my work out on a desk in the study areas, plug in my headphones and listen to music, and push through until my work is done.


       3. Listen to podcasts

Something that I love doing is listening to podcasts, this can motivate you immensely and can really help you get into a girl-boss mindset! Some of my current favs are Gals on the Go by Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio, and What We Said by Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade.


       4. Set weekly and daily goals

Setting goals is crucial to staying motivated! My routine for setting goals includes making a weekly list of things I want to accomplish and daily goals for each day. Usually, on a Sunday, I will set aside some time and make a list of weekly things I want to accomplish. These are usually bigger goals but can include assignments for the week, wanting to work out every day, etc. After I fill this out, I’ll tape it to the overhang of my desk and be sure to read it every morning! As far as the daily goals go, I will write these in my planner in to-do-list form and each day I will work towards them and cross them off as they are completed.


       5. Practice your own forms of self-care

Everyone has those things that they love to do in their free time, so make sure you make time to do just that during your busy days. Whether that be watching your favorite Netflix show, painting your nails, doing a face mask, making art, meditating, etc… make sure you are setting aside time to hang out with yourself.


       6. Use a planner

There are so many benefits to keeping a planner. Not only will it help you stay organized with school assignments, but it will keep your busy life in line! Oh, and be sure to write cute little notes and affirmations throughout to give yourself a tiny reason to smile throughout the day.


       7. Be kind to your mind

It is great to live a life of empowerment, so always be sure that you are being kind to yourself and being proud of your journey. You’re a freaking college student, not many people actually get that opportunity! Be proud of the fact that you have a great achievement and continue to be proud of yourself throughout college no matter what victories you face. Don’t put yourself down for mistakes for things that aren’t in your control, and when something negative comes your way, push it to the side. You are strong and capable and deserving of so much happiness!


Libby Sweet