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Step Up Your Workout Game At CrossFit 1809

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.

It’s time to pull out your work out gear because the new CrossFit 1809 in Oxford is going to make you actually want to work out.

The Miami alumni owner of Oxford’s CrossFit, noticed that a lot of people were signing up and participating in CrossFit classes at the Rec Center and noticed that a CrossFit might be successful in Oxford.

The manager and head coach, Seneca Seley proudly stated, “We are the machines.” There are no ellipticals, treadmills, or TVs in sight. Screamo music plays while one of the coaches shouts encouragement at two young men lifting weights.

The weights have bumper plates so that they can be dropped without danger. Other fitness equipment includes bar belts and medicine balls.

Seley says that the new one-room CrossFit wanted to “change the fitness atmosphere in Oxford.” One of the most popular classes is the all women’s CrossFit lite, where women workout together and can keep track of their reps. Common workout moves includes the thruster and the back-squat. Seley comments that part of the purpose of the workout is seeing how many reps can be done in a certain amounts of time, while other elements of the workout focus on the number of reps that can be performed.

While there are classes, personal training is also offered by Seley, but he does not advertise it as much as the classes.

Seven sessions a month is $99, while unlimited sessions per month costs $149. Seley requires 4 one-on-one sessions as a required Foundations Course for many of the classes so that people can become familiar with the workout moves frequently used in class.

For a great change of pace from the Rec, hit up Oxford’s CrossFit, located on 801 S. Beech Street!