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9 Thoughts Every McGill Collegiette Has Had While Studying at McLennan/Redpath Library

We’ve all been there. Shuffling our feet down the long walk of ice-slicked cement better known as the daunting path to the McLennan/Redpath library. Some collegiettes may spend more time here than they do at their own homes. Some only step inside when exam period strikes. No matter how familiar you are with this superstructure of strict silence and the students who sojourn within it, here are 9 common thoughts that every McGill collegiette has had while studying at the McLennan/Redpath library:

1.“Is it socially unacceptable to take the elevator to the second floor?”

You walked all the way here. Now you’re supposed to climb those stairs? 



2.“Why is everyone staring at me…I’m just trying to find a seat, okay?”

“Deer in the headlights” is an understatement compared to the lowly late-sleeper searching for a cubicle on the sixth floor of McLennan during peak exam hours.


3.“Okay, so if I read x pages in y minutes and stay at the library for z hours, that means tomorrow I’ll only have approximately…10,000 more pages left if I want to catch up to this week’s readings. Great.”

The library is consistently the place where you realize that no matter how productive you are, there’s always more to be done.



4.“Am I breathing too loudly? Can people hear this Backstreet Boys song through my headphones? Was that an audible stomach growl? Am I quietly sipping my coffee or full out slurping? Am I overthinking things?”

The silence found on most floors can instill anxiety in even the most Buddha-like bookworm.


5.“I swear the girl tapping her pen is taunting me…”

Don’t be the person constantly clicking your pen like you’re training for a high-intensity thumb war match. Just don’t. 



6.“The top of his head is ridiculous. Wow, she has great hair.”

You haven’t spent enough time in the library until you realize that you can determine your fellow peers by the sight of their scalps. #cubiclelife



7.“Time for my daily moment of silence in remembrance of the late Tim Hortons.”

You will never know the impact you made on so many lives. RIP.



8.“Just one more question and then I can go home and ________________.”

Watch Netflix? Eat Pop Tarts? Crash on the couch? This blank is begging to be filled with anything other than “do more homework”.



9.“I’m torn between staying in this moderate-temperature nightmare and having to face the tundra outside the library doors.”

Just remember: you chose to go to school in Canada. Embrace it. 



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