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5 Ways To De-Stress During Finals Season

The overwhelming time of finals is quickly approaching, and if you’re like me, who took on a lot more than they thought they could handle, there is bound to be a lot of stress. However, don’t fret, because below is the ultimate list of tips to help you tackle finals season and get ready for the wondrous summer we have coming up!

1. Self-Care

It’s easy to let go of yourself during the stress of finals season, but your health and wellness are more important than any exam grade or final project. Make sure to take time for yourself and treat yourself nicely during this time of the year. Run a nice bath, put on a facemask and soak in some of the sun Maryland is finally blessing us with these next few weeks!

2. Make a Schedule

If you’re organized like me, or even if you aren’t, I always find it easier to be productive and less worried about upcoming assignments if I have everything written down and planned out in front of me. Final season is full of assignments that pile up, so work from your schedule and be sure to reward yourself from time to time for your accomplishments!

3. Take a Nap

If things ever get too overwhelming, take a break and rest your body. Your work will be there waiting for you when you wake up and you will feel more refreshed and ready to tackle more.

4. Exercise

A great way to clear your head is to do some sort of exercise. Every professional believes in this, and no matter how much easier it is to be stubborn and not believe it, exercise really does boost your mood. It also gives you more energy to continue on with the day and work afterwards. Even though it was tiring and brutal, when I did track and field in high school, I always left practices feeling more energized and motivated to study and do homework when I got home.

5. Have Some Fun!

Even though this is the time of the year to grind it out and fall victim to all-nighters, make sure to give yourself time for yourself to take space away from all the work. Read a book, watch a show or hang out with some friends. You can even study with friends too to get two things done at once! All your friends are going through finals season too, so get a group together and take a break from the schoolwork to spend the last few weeks you have on campus with them.

Erin McCormick

Maryland '21

Erin is currently a Sophomore at the University of Maryland. She is majoring in Elementary Education and hopes to better herself by teaching children how to learn and grow. She is a photography addict, crazy cat lady, and proud vegetarian and plant lover. When she's not writing for Her Campus or her own personal blog, you can find her reading a book on the Mall, hitting the gym with her friends, or spending her already crippling bank account in Georgetown for coffee and cupcakes.  Personal Blog: erinisliving.wordpress.com Instagram: _erinmccormick_
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