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5 Easy Indoor Workouts for Winter

We all know the struggle of wanting to workout, but also wanting to stay in and drink hot chocolate, while watching your favorite movie on a cold winter day. It can get bothersome to have to venture out into the snow to get to the gym, especially since most of us might not have car! The thought of it is enough for many of us to throw in the towel, and choose our favorite movie over improving our health. But don’t worry Terps! You no longer have to choose between being warm in your house or going to the gym. You can do both with these 5 exercises!

1. Stairs

This is the simplest way to stay fit, and anyone can do it! And a Fitbit can help keep track of all the levels you climb. All you need to do is find some stairs, whether it is in your house, your friend’s house, your school (the list goes on and on). Go up and down these stairs until you break a sweat! This is exactly like going on the Stairmaster, but you don’t need to venture out into the cold!

2. Workout Videos

Nowadays, you can find a workout video or routine anywhere. Find one on your TV or on your computer! There are so many different sites, teachers, and workouts you can choose. My favorite workout to do at home is Pilates! It helps me fix my posture and gets me in the right mood to start my day.

3. Weight Lifting

The winter is the perfect time to tone your upper body! Let’s face it, many of us are intimidated to go to the weight room with all the guys. Take on the challenge or invest in a pair of weights, (they don’t need to be heavy!), and develop a routine to work your whole upper body. Some examples are bicep curls, hammer grabs, tricep extensions, and much more. This will also give you a break from all the cardio you have been doing!

4. Planks

As much as most of us hate planks, they are a fantastic way to tone up your abs. Incorporate these into every workout and try doing intervals starting with 30 second planks and ending with 1 minute planks. You can do a rotation of side planks and front planks. Don’t forget to stretch!

5. Squats

This is my absolute favorite exercise. There is nothing better than toning up your butt and getting the beach bod you have been working so hard to get! You can start with regular squats and advance to pulse squats, single leg squats, and plyometric squats where you explode up and land softly. For an even bigger challenge, you can include your hand weights as well!

Winter is no excuse to ditch your workout routine! Stay focused and stay hungry. As tae bo guru Billy Blanks once said, “the body only profits a little but the spirit profits a lot.” So if you are in that winter slump, exercising will help you look better but most importantly, it will help you feel better!

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