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Holiday DIY: Hot Chocolate Bombs

Christmas is a crafter’s dream…glitter, baked goods, and decor everywhere. As a self-proclaimed human elf, I adore getting to create and make some Christmas magic myself. So, I teamed up with my sister (aka my crafter in crime) and we tested out five holiday crafts that will fill up your holiday break and make you a bit more jolly.

Today, we're making hot chocolate bombs!

So these are all over almost everyone’s feeds, and after seeing them on Instagram and TikTok, my sister and I just knew we had to try them out! They're like a bath bomb for your hot chocolate. What could be cozier than that?!

[bf_image id="9shngfncst6v7qxcmjh2fpc"]

What You’ll Need:

  • Hot chocolate mix

  • Baking chocolate

  • Milk of choice

  • Mug

  • Mini marshmallows

  • Any add-ins (optional, could add mints, other candy, coffee, etc.)

  • A circular candy mold

  • Microwave and microwave safe bowls

  • Freezer

  • Sprinkles (optional but highly recommend!)


  1. Melt down the chocolate either in the microwave or double boiler. Make sure to mix to avoid lumps.

  2. Spoon the melted chocolate into the molds, making sure it’s even, and place in the freezer. Each freezer is different but we left ours in for about an hour. Just check periodically to make sure they are solid. 

  3. While waiting on the chocolate, prep all your other ingredients (hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, add ons) and get ready to assemble.

  4. Once the chocolate is solid, pop the circles out of the molds.

  5. Melt a little extra chocolate to act as glue.

  6. Take two circles. In one, place all of your ingredients into one of the circles and place the other on top to form a sphere. Use the melted chocolate to act as glue and spoon it around the seam.  

  7. Place the sphere back into the freezer for another hour or so.

  8. Repeat the steps with the other circles.  

  9. Once the spheres are frozen and ready to go, get your mug ready and place some sprinkles on top for decoration.  

  10. Heat up the milk and pour it into the mug.

  11. Drop your hot chocolate bomb in and watch the ingredients fizzle out and the chocolate melt.  

  12. Stir to combine and enjoy your drink!

[bf_image id="m6hz6x8qvxv3n4xfkwmhwgv"]

This was really fun. Definitely not the fastest way to make hot chocolate but still delicious all the same. I would recommend trying at least once as it’s so satisfying to watch the bomb melt into the milk!

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Elena Johnston is a national writer for Her Campus and an assistant editor and writer for Her Campus at LUM. She is a Global Studies and Communications double major with a focus in PR at Loyola University Maryland and is the External Relations and Communications intern at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Washington Center. You can usually find her in a bookstore or library listening to Taylor Swift.
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