The Cutest (Super Simple) Winter DIY

I’m not very artistically gifted. That includes drawing, painting, making bracelets, even building gingerbread houses. So when I find a DIY project that I can do and have it actually turn out okay, you bet I’m taking it and running with it.

I was introduced to this DIY décor in high school. I was in a club and we decided to make Christmas gifts for our teachers. It took us a while to figure out something that they would all collectively enjoy, and then we finally figured it out. Who doesn’t love a good snow globe during the holidays?

This is a super simple, super cute gift for just about anyone, as it’s completely customizable, or you can keep it to use as a decoration for your own space.

What You’ll Need:

  1. Pint-size Mason jar with lid
  2. Craft glue or super glue
  3. Distilled water
  4. Glycerin
  5. Bottlebrush Christmas tree (or any other winter / themed figurines of your choosing)
  6. Glitter

What I love about this list is that the majority of these things can probably be found in your closet or at the dollar store. The glycerin might be the trickiest to come by, but even then it’s usually available at stores like Michaels or Walmart, some grocery stores, and of course, Amazon.


  1. Glue your figurine(s) to the inside of the mason jar lid. I usually put the glue down first, put the decoration on top, and then hold for about 20-30 seconds to make sure it stays in place.
  2. After that, fill the jar just about to the top with water. Add silver, white, or any color glitter of your choice to the water, about 1 tablespoon in total.
  3. Add a few drops of glycerin. This is what suspends the glitter in the water, allowing it to give it that slow-moving, magical, snowy effect.
  4. Put glue around the rim of the lid. Place the lid on the jar and screw tightly.
  5. Turn it upside down and shake it up!

Optional Steps:

I’ve seen people paint the lids, as well as add festive ribbon or stickers to the outside of the jar. You can decorate these however you want!


And that’s pretty much it! I know I will for sure be doing this craft with my little sister this Christmas, and I hope you can try it out too!