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      You feel as if you cannot breathe. Your mind is traveling deeper and deeper into itself as your heart throbs against your ribs, knocking against them and begging for your attention. Your ears buzz as your vision goes blurry and you can feel your skin start to crawl. Fear is taking over and all you can focus on is how you are trapped within a maze that you cannot escape; a reality that continues on endlessly. It is petrifying being a prisoner to your own mind; a prisoner to the abyss. No one can control your deepest fears and regrets quite like the mind bound inside your own skull. Isn’t it ironic how the same place that holds your proudest moments and happiest days can also be home to your deepest paranoia? I am something many of you are blessed to have never met, but for those who know me and cannot escape me, I am truly sorry. I am sorry for the loss of the light that once gleamed in your now blackened eyes. I am sorry for the sleepless nights where you scream silently in fear, yet no one comes to your rescue. Your silent cries of desperation begin to grow but the only demon present is the one inside of your head. I am sorry that I am keeping you up again tonight because you need the sleep you haven’t gotten in three months. I am sorry to say though, tonight will be yet another sleepless one ruled by me. Just try and remember, darling, I enjoy the blankness of your mind. Do not be afraid of the dark. No, do not be afraid of the abyss. Be afraid of me, the anxiety that is eating away at your dreams.

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