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Spin into a New Habit

If you have a streak with me on Snapchat, I apologize for the early buzz you get on your phone every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I start these two days like a very small percentage does; 8AM spin class! On average, I teach three spin classes weekly with these two morning ones and an additional evening class.

I usually get the same sympathetic and/or scared look when people hear my very early and active mornings. But there’s no need for consoling me or intimidation for a stationary bike! In fact, there’s a surplus of benefits to this “trendy” workout! Here’s a few:

1. Total workout

a. Spinning mostly targets your legs and core. It also is considered a low-impact cardiovascular workout, helping your blood flow. According to Mayo Clinic, spinning can prevent chronic issues like high blood pressure and diabetes.

b. Along with muscle toning and disease preventing, spinning burns a heck ton of calories! Generally, I burn about 600-700 calories class, woo!!!

2. It ain’t rough!

a. Overall, spinning is a low-impact form of exercise. Meaning, spinning it is not rough on useful body parts like knees and ankles, like running can do to you. It’s a great way to keep active without the pressure!

3. A mix of everything

a. Typically, spin classes offer a variety of focus points like speed, strength, fat burn, endurance, etc. in order for you to work and succeed at them. When looking at a spin schedule, you usually notice that each class is “assigned” that focus point.

4. It’s your own thing!

a. Like many things in life, when you’re participating in a spin class, you might think everyone is staring at you when in reality everyone is too busy focusing on themselves. Yes, spinning is a group exercise and yes, listen to your instructor, but it's your own thing when it comes to how much or how little resistance you want to add to your ride.

 Overall, spinning is a great way to work your body and get active! The most important piece advice to give anyone new to this would be to ask your instructor questions and don’t be afraid to! We all started somewhere and enjoy the ride!

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